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Moons Shine Bright at Milan Fashion Week

Known as the fashion capital of the world, Milan sets the stage for the latest trends in fashion, beauty and of course, nails, and Milan A/W 2017 Fashion Week was no exception. This season, the phrase “what’s-old-is-new-again” rang true at the Elisabetta Franchi and Moschino runway shows. Models sported an oldie-but-goodie nail style: the half moon.

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CND for Moschino - Milan Fashion Week AW2017


Moschino usually makes a statement with its apparel and this year, Jeremy Scott made it even more obvious at the AW2017 Show at Milan Fashion Week. Effectively addressing the concept of recycling, a notion CND even carried out with their cardboard nails. Models donned thought provoking designs that begged everyone to take pause.  

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Trend Spotting: Geode Nails

Crystals and their healing powers may be up for debate, but geode nails are a trend that everyone can get on board with. So what exactly is a geode? Geodes are the crystallized interiors of igneous and sedimentary rocks. Think of the style as a step up from the marble trend; geode nails feature the same “layered” look, but with color and sparkle—the perfect design to transition into warmer weather. Look below to see the easy ways to try out the rockin’ look...

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Nail Art Tutorial: Sugar Palm - CND


Ever since the Instagram trend #plantsonpink made its way into our newsfeeds, we’ve adored seeing the uptick in palm leaves and greenery in nail designs. Utilizing the latest shades from CND’s Rhythm & Heat, the Palm Leaf nail design was fashioned; a beautiful design, consisting of a “sugaring” method. With a sweep of coral gradient the lush green design perfectly pulls the look together, giving us all some serious #nailenvy!

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The Number 1 Reason Why You Should Never Peel Off Gel Polish

Gel manicures are the best; long-lasting color, high shine, durability, with results that last up to three weeks. The only downside? The painstaking acetone removal process. Peeling off your gels may seem like the quicker, easier alternative—but beware, its damaging effects can last way longer than any dryness. Learn how to save your nails in the process...

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MFW - Emilio Pucci AW2017 - CND


Patterns and color – two things Emilio Pucci does extremely well. This season was no exception; with vibrant colors and bold textures, Pucci sent fringe, paisley print, sequins and bespoke nails down the runway for AW2017. See the beautiful nail art CND created for the show...

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Lilac Is The New Black

The great thing about nail polish is its chameleon-like ability to transform your fingers with the swipe of a brush. More so, nail polish transcends the nature of trends with its instantaneous ability to be seen on the runway one day and recreated on anyone’s hand the next. With fashion there is often a downtime between seasons and an item’s release, but with nail polish the latest designs are always attainable. 

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LFW - Simone Rocha AW2017 - CND


A young designer with a timeless look; taking it back to naturals, Simone Rocha knows how to make effortless look sexy. Check out the nail styles CND created for her London Fashion Week AW2017 Show!

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What You Need To Know About Nail Treatments

Gel’s always look so beautiful, that is, until you peel them off in a panic before your Saturday night date. While chipped and peeling nail polish is not the picture of perfection, neither are damaged nails. Our hands and nails go through a great deal of stress, from washing dishes to opening packages and tapping away at keyboards all day, why not indulge in a treatment for your nails help nourish nail beds and bring the appearance of your nails back to life.