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Why You Should be “All About That Base” When It Comes to Your Nails


Much like a house is only as good as its foundation, a mani is only as good as the quality of the nail underneath. Optimal nail heath comes first, followed by a trusty layer of base coat to create a smooth canvas for your polish job. Read on to find out why base coat is a mani must-have.

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Top 5 Colors for Back-to-School

Put away those summer brights! School is back in session and that means it’s time to embrace your darker side. Luckily, autumn’s much-anticipated arrival brings a new array of deep, moody hues perfect for back-to-school season. Read on to discover the top five shades to put on your radar this fall.

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5 Ways You’re Ruining Your Mani

If you think a good top and base coat are the only requirements for a long-lasting manicure, think again! Many of your daily tasks wreak havoc on your tips, resulting in unsightly chipping, fading and flaking. Read on to find out the top ways you’re sabotaging your manicure and learn what you can do to make the most out of your polish job.

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Back-to-School Nail Essentials


Summer is officially winding down and while pencils, paper and a notebook are crucial items for back-to-school season, your tips must also make the grade. Read on to find out the mani must-haves to keep handy as you prepare to hit those books.

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Top Fall Nail Trends

Looking to step up your nail game for back-to-school season? Whether you’re a nail art newbie or a polish pro, there are plenty of new nail trends for every tip personality. Check out the top three trends to try out this fall.

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Mani/Pedis for Expectant Mothers

Women must give up a lot of things during pregnancy: sushi, Happy Hour, certain skincare products and those extra espresso shots. One thing you don’t have to sacrifice? Your nails. That’s right, just because your body is home to a growing little one over the next nine months doesn’t mean you have to rock naked tips and toes. Read on to find out the top dos and don'ts of nail care during pregnancy.

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The Top Mani/Pedi Combos for Every Skin Tone


Summer calls for a trusty SPF, your favorite shades and biweekly pedicures to keep your feet in tip-top shape. Selecting the perfect pedi color can be difficult, and, for most polish aficionados, matching your tips to your toes can feel a bit…passé. Before you visit the salon, check out our top mani/pedi combos for every skin tone. 

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CND’s Fall Collection Will Mesmerize You


Feeling a little overwhelmed by summer’s electric shades? Luckily, fall is only weeks away, and with cooler temps on the horizon, a new array of deep, moonlit hues are expected to captivate polish aficionados all season long. Case in point: the CND Nightspell collection. Equal parts otherworldly and alluring, this collection features six new shades inspired that will bring on the night...

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How Long Should You Wait for Polish to Dry in Between Coats?

Waiting for polish to dry can be even more painful than waiting for the timer to go off on the microwave when you’re hungry. But, much like it’s essential to allow food to thoroughly cook, it’s important to give your nails enough time to dry in between coats. So how long exactly should you wait?