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A Fresh Take On The Half-Moon Mani

Thinking outside the box, Editorial manicurist Alicia Torello took a fresh, fun approach to a half-moon mani. With a tropical twist, she created the sweetest watermelon nail design that is giving us all the feels. As the summer heat sets in, you’ll want to take a bite out of these juicy digits.  

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Trending: Jelly Nails

In the early 80’s, less than a dollar could get you a really cool pair of Jelly shoes that you could sport with your all over neon outfit. Yeah, it happened. Since then, Jelly shoes have made several appearances on the fashion trend-charts, with a reappearance in the 90s and then its newest incarnation…. Jelly Nails!

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I have officially found the power couple of nail polishes and before you roll your eyes - this dynamic duo is one seriously worth investing in*. *it is so good you may want to buy multiples and stash them in multiple locations

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The Worst Nail Trends Of All Time

Nail art is a tricky thing: When it’s good, it’s so good, but when it’s bad, it’s literally a train wreck—and you can’t stop staring. And it seems the latest nail trends continue to take a turn for the weird. To give you a good laugh, we’ve rounded up the strangest creations to ever grace a nail canvas, from the furry to the frightening and everything in between. Check out six of the craziest nail trends of all time.

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Nails In Orbit, How Miss Pop Dazzled At Jeremy Scott SS19

Jeremy Scott literally dazzled down the runway – ahem, hello see-through Swarovski covered boots! While we obviously look forward to seeing the styles walk down the runway, there are certain shows where we really look forward to the nails and Jeremy Scott is always one of them. This year, to match his Revolt and Riot themed show, the nails were out of this world. Deemed “Orbit Nails” this trend is a play on negative space with an outline around the nail bed.

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Essie Glitters at the 70th Annual Emmy Awards

There wasn't a better a time to debut the new concrete glitters collection – expected to release October 2018 – than at the 70th Annual Emmy Awards. A night full of glitz and glamour and a Red Carpet full of style and grace, memorable moments made for a beautiful show. While some believe that an award win can be predicted based on a nominee’s nail color, we know that neutral nail colors are recommended as to not distract from an award on stage.

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Can't Fight The (Fall) Feeling: Seasonal Transitions for Your Nails

Being based in LA, the Fall season starts with an internal struggle between the outside temperature and what I wish the temperature would be. I think it is safe to say that it stays pretty toasty into September ... October ... November? TBH, I have literally sweated it out on Thanksgiving because Mother Nature was calling for Sundress Weather and I was completely committed to Sweater Weather. 

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3 Celebs Who Prove That Nail Art Is Officially Back

Luckily, like most trends, nail art is forever evolving, and your favorite celebs are once again sporting decked-out digits on and off the red carpet, giving all of us the green light to experiment with eye-catching tip couture. Check out the top celebs who are bringing nail art back.

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5 Brushes Every Nail Artist Needs In Her Kit

An artist is only as good as their tools, especially when it comes to nail art. Unfortunately, there’s only so much you can do with a polish brush, and in today’s world where intricate line work and detailed designs reign supreme, it’s important that you keep the proper tools within reach if you want to take your artistry to the next level, whether you’re a polish pro or a nail art aficionado. Keep reading to discover the top five brushes to stash in your nail arsenal.

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