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The New Nude: Nail Art for the New Age

When you hear nude nails you probably think “classic, understated, chic”. We are seeing a new “nude” take over the gram and its a little less about the polish shade and more about the art — the nail art that is. Women everywhere are embracing their femininity (fem·i·nin·i·ty : noun. the quality of being female; womanliness. Also see: fierce, badass), combined with a “No Fucks Given” attitude and We’ve rounded up some of the most naked nail art on the internet and combined it with some words of wisdom - because, why not?  

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We know for some people, summer is coming to an end, but, in sunny SoCal it feels like the heat is just getting started. Weekend getaways to escape the scorching temps are a must. Whether you are packing your overnight bag for a trip to the beach or think you can handle a few more degrees somewhere EVEN HOTTER (hello, Las Vegas!) as long as your are propped up pool-side, a last minute mani often gets pushed to the list of “should have would haves” or, if you are anything like me, your list of “I think I can execute this successfully in 2.5 seconds”.

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These Nails Are Making a Statement, Literally.

It’s not always easy to say what you mean. Luckily for you, spelling it out on your nails is the “it-girl” choice for on-trend in mani’s this season. From kisses to shout outs, this new way to express yourself is hitting the streets and blowing up Instagram with small, but mighty little letters! Keep reading for a few of our favorite ways to wear the trend.

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How To Build a Salon Clientele - Kim Stoddard

Sometimes breaking into the nail world can be hard! It will take patience and time to be able to follow your dream!  However, with hard work and dedication, you can be successful in the industry! We talked with Kim Stoddard about her experience and here are her top 5 tips to successfully building a strong clientele in the salon!

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I have officially found the power couple of nail polishes and before you roll your eyes - this dynamic duo is one seriously worth investing in*. *it is so good you may want to buy multiples and stash them in multiple locations

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Goal Setting vs. Goal Achieving | Barb Abeyta – Nail Pro Coach

How do I break through and become like those successful nail pros I admire?  Why do I set goals when I don’t get them anyways? What does it take to become a successful goal achiever?  Why is it so hard? These are just a few questions that Nail Pro Coach Barb Abeyta addresses, keep reading to find out more!

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How to Care For Your Nails After Acrylics

Acrylic extensions are a great way to add length and durability to your tips. Unfortunately, once removed, they can also comprise the integrity of your natural nails, leading to brittleness, breakage and peeling. So how can you nurse your natural nails back to health? Follow these five easy steps to get your nails back on track.

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Trendspotting: "Holo" Nails

If you thought the #shimmerchallenge was exciting, take a peek at these holographic nails, they are sure to shine brighter than any other sparkle...

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The ABCs of Nails

Whether it has to do with shape, enamel, or tips and tricks this handy guide has your nail questions covered from A to Z.


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