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While color played a huge role in the fashion staples from this years MTV VMAs nails ranged in color from minimal #sendnudes, to #millennialpink and metallic staples. Our favorite look of the evening was from Tom Bachik for Beberexha – a style we will certainly see on the Red Carpet for seasons to come!


While Nicki Minaj wore #MillennialPink from head to toe, Katy Perry rocked this shade on her tips to offset her white dress and platinum locks.


Tom Bachik created one of our FAVORITE nail trends of the night! This blingy style was created using @Swarovski for @Beberexha and was everything we could have hoped for a new trend for Fall/Winter!  




Heidi Klum, Vanessa Hudgens and Demi Lovato all rocked a sheer tint of #sendnudes for the night. We especially loved Vanessa Hudgens opalescent take!

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