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Have you ever left the salon in love with your nail art only for it to fall off or chip just a few days later? You’re not alone. From poor placement to improper adhesion, sometimes getting a design at the salon can be a gamble. Read on to discover why your nail art isn’t lasting as long as it should and how you can make sure it stays in place.

Improper adhesion

When adhering gems or charms, it’s important to use the right products. Top coat is not effective at holding embellishments in place for very long. Instead, opt for a nail glue or clear gel for the best adhesion. If you use a clear gel, encase the embellishment completely (sides included) to make sure it stays in place.

Poor placement

Another common nail art mistake? Applying larger stones or gems too close to the free edge of the nail, which can cause them to prematurely fall off. It’s best to apply the largest embellishments around the center of the nail or cuticle, then apply smaller charms toward the tip.

Constant contact

Salon nail art—or any nail art for that matter—is an investment of both time and money. That’s why nails should be treated with care in order to prevent the embellishments from falling off. From cleaning products to constant washing to accidental knocking, there are many elements that can compromise the integrity of the gel or glue holding your nail art in place. If you do plan on getting nail art at the salon, make sure it’s not during a week where you’ll be doing anything too harsh with your hands (i.e. gardening) and treat your nails with extra caution in order to give your mani art the most staying power.

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