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Looking to show off your love for the red, white and blue this 4th of July weekend? Why not get patriotic with your polish art? Check out our favorite festive looks perfect for any celebration under the sun!

Marble Mayhem

CREDIT: Nailstyle/@glamorousnails23

Give the classic color palette a modern update with water-marbling. The trick to achieving the unique pattern? Carve out your design before dipping your nail into the cup. To ensure the best color payoff, make sure to use relatively new, ultra-creamy lacquers. If you use a sheer or an older polish that may have started to separate, the design won’t transfer as well.

Seeing Stars

CREDIT: Nailstyle/@naq57

Pay homage to the American flag with a shimmering star-spangled mani. To create the eye-catching, textured finish, opt for a chunky glitter-packed lacquer, then finish with a matte top coat.

Lady Liberty

CREDIT: Nailstyle/@misashton

Show off your American spirit with handpainted stars, stripes and the Statue of Liberty. For maximum precision when painting intricate designs, use gel or acrylic paint instead of traditional lacquer.

American Hero

CREDIT: Nailstyle/@home_of_deva

For a grown-up take on the classic comic, opt for minimalistic negative space and linear designs inspired by Captain America’s cape and a modern nail shape, such as almond or stiletto. Finish with a matte top coat to add extra edge to the look.

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