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If you think a good top and base coat are the only requirements for a long-lasting manicure, think again! Many of your daily tasks wreak havoc on your tips, resulting in unsightly chipping, fading and flaking. Read on to find out the top ways you’re sabotaging your manicure and learn what you can do to make the most out of your polish job.

Excessive hand washing

As much as it’s essential to wash your hands multiple times a day, there is such a thing as over-cleansing. Exposure to hot water and soap can be incredibly drying to your skin and nails and will cause your polish to lift and chip. Another no-no? Using hand sanitizer. Most sanitizers contain alcohol which will dissolve your top coat and cause your polish to discolor or fade.Your best bet: Wash hands with cool water and a gentle soap.

Contact with perfume or hairspray

Ever notice that your tips don’t look as shiny right after you apply perfume or hairspray? That’s because many fragrances and styling products are formulated with the same ingredients as polish remover. To minimize the effects, make sure to keep products within a close range to avoid contact with your nails.


 For most 9-to-5ers, typing on a computer all day is an absolute must. Unfortunately, constant tapping on a keyboard can lead to chipping and damage to your nail shape. To keep your manicure in check, opt for a shorter, more natural length and make sure your nail tech thoroughly caps the free edge of your nails with polish during your service.

Body Lotion

Applying lotion can be a double-edged sword: On one hand, you have to keep your hands moisturized to reduce signs of aging and dryness. However, on the other hand, lotion can instantly remove all shine from your manicure. To keep skin hydrated and maintain your lacquer’s glossy finish, use a tissue or a cotton swab to remove lotion from the nail plate after applying.

No touch-ups

Think about a blowout: On Day 1, your hair looks fresh, silky-soft and full of body, but by Day 3 or 4, it’s safe to say your tresses are in need of some dry shampoo and a little styling. Much like you have to pump up your blowout, you must apply top coat every couple of days to keep your mani looking fresh and shiny.

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