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The key to beautiful nails is one part amazing manicurist and one part healthy nails. This year, it is time to break your old habits and start the season off with healthy nails and habits.


Peeling or picking at cuticles – Your cuticles are gentle layers that were put there to protect your nails and nail growth. If you pick and peel at them 1) improperly and 2) without properly prepping them, you can cause divots in your nail, loss of nail growth and even infection.


Biting your nails – First thing’s first, this habit is also horrible for your health. There is a great deal of bacteria that hides underneath your nails and putting this directly in your mouth can cause much undue sickness. Second, biting your nails causes them to become rigid and uneven, leading to snagging on surfaces, textures and clothing. If nails are bit too short, you can also run into problems of nail growth and constant infection.


Taking off your own gels - Ouch! You know better, plus it really, really hurts. Leave this one to the professionals, unless you want to peel off your entire nail. Taking off your own gels can lead to undue damage and pain.


Giving yourself pedicures – In case you hadn’t already learned from this horror story, giving yourself pedicures 1) isn’t easy, and 2) isn’t recommended. See how this girl ended up in the emergency room from doing her own pedi.


Not letting nails breathe between gel services – We love gels and we’ll be the first to admit it! But, as with any nail service, sometimes it’s good to give your nails a breather. You’ll notice your nails becoming thicker and more brittle the more often you replace gels on gels. Take a break and ask your manicurist for a conditioning treatment and nail strengthener instead!


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