082e096214590684482e 5 ways to use nail polish


Sure, painting your nails may be one of your favorite hobbies, but have you ever wondered what else you can do with these little miracle bottles. Nail polish has many uses besides just making your nails look cute, check out our favorite tips that aren’t for your tips!



Fix A Run

Tight season is now upon us, which means we’ll be busting those bad boys out of the back of our drawer and donning them with knee high boots and a shift dress. What happens when you wake up destined to wear your favorite winter outfit and you spot a snag? Throw some polish on it. Clear usually works best for this scenario, so dab your topcoat on top of your snag, and you’re out the door! You can always stop by Bloomies on the way home to grab a new pair but in the meantime, this works wonders.


Rid Your Shower Of Rust

They may say that bottle is “rust free” but how many times have you ended up with a rust ring in your shower or bath? To fight the elements, coat the bottom of your favorite bottles with a helping hand from good old polish.


Stop The Itch

How many of you buy a new pair of earrings or a necklace and a few days later start to get a rash? I experienced this with everything from my “gold plated” earrings to my Apple Watch. Have no fear, I covered these babies with a coat of polish and my woes are behind me! *If you’re covering that spiral circle on your Apple Watch band, I suggest using a shade with sparkle, it will fit in the grooves better and is less likely to peel off.


Get Organized

Whether you use color-coding for your set of keys, phone chargers, or to tell the difference between you and your roomies makeup, this is the easiest way to organize in a pinch. Have fun with your colors and practice your designs!


Seal It With A Polish

The holiday season is upon us, which means PRESENTS! It also means thank you cards! If you’ve got a lot of mailing in the next few months, save your tongue and use a nail polish to secure your envelopes. You don’t have to taste the envelope and you can kiss all chances of a paper cut goodbye.



Now that you know what our favorite uses for nail polish are, why don’t you share with us some of yours! Sound off below on your favorite nail polish trick that has nothing to do with nails!


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