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Post courtesy of: NAIL IT MAG!


Believe it or not, there is a right way and a wrong way to file your nails. Filing your nails properly leads to stronger nails and in return; better nail designs.  Learn the right way to file your nails below!



1.   When filing natural nails, opt for a soft file (that means a higher grit number) to prevent tearing of the nail. A 240-grit is usually good to begin with.

2.   File in one direction only. Avoid filing in a back-and-forth sawing motion. “Instead, use a side-to-center motion, where you sweep the file over the tip of the nail in one direction, and then shape the nail accordingly,” says celebrity manicurist Jenna Hipp.

3.   Hold the file flat against the nail tip while filing. If you angle the file, it will thin the nail tip.

4.   If nails are dry, brittle and tend to break easily, skip soaking fingertips in soapy water before the manicure, which can dehydrate nails even further.

5.   Don’t file too far into the sides of the nails; it will weaken the nail at the stress point, causing breakage.

6.   If you accidentally file too short, don’t beat yourself up about it. Nails will grow back, after all. Polish nail plates with a neutral color to lend the illusion of added length until they grow out.



1.   File the tip of the nail, holding the file precisely perpendicular to the nail.

2.   When filing the sides of the nail, hold the file parallel to the side of the nail. Don’t edge the file into the corner; this can encourage breakage.

3.   Finally, soften or round the corners to create a squoval or oval shape by gently filing edges at a slight angle. 

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