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When it comes to nail and hand care, Josh Kozuki, keeps the client in mind at all times. He knows that the key to a great manicure is not only great skill but long lasting skin care that promotes anti-aging. Below, Josh talks about some of his favorite techniques to keep your hands looking and feeling youthful all year! 



When winter sets in, especially in the snowy climates, your guest hands can easily show signs of neglect. Dry, red and splitting cuticles are not a pretty sight and can be very uncomfortable. To combat the woes of winter here are a few tips for keeping your hands feeling and looking their best.

The skin on the back of the hands is thin and has only a few oil glands, which means our hands don't produce as much moisture as we need from natural sources. By constantly using our hands; washing, putting them in harsh detergents (soap) and cleaning agents, it wreaks havoc on our hands, making them rough and dry. During the winter months, being outside in the harsh cold weather and inside in the heat adds extra irritation to your skin. Keeping them protected will be key in maintaining soft hands. Therefore, it is important to use a good exfoliant, oil, masque, serum and moisturizer on our hands. Taking care of them in the same way you would your face. 


Each time you wash your hands, you should apply a moisturizer. The best way to remember to do this is to keep moisturizer at every sink. It only takes a few seconds and is easy to incorporate into a routine if you’re always on the move. Another great treat for you hands is coconut oil. This oil is very hydrating and has many healing properties to it.


Our hands are one of the first things to show our age, which is why maintaining their integrity is so imperative. As a nail technician, I am asked quite frequently, “How do I maintain my hands between appointments?” It's easy, start by exfoliating hands 2 to 3 times a week but be mindful that it is important not to over exfoliate them. Add in a hydrating masque 3 to 4 times a week. You can even sleep with the masque on (with gloves) for extra hydration.


For cuticle care, the Apricot Body Oil from Emanince Organic Skin Care is divine and you can add a drop to your moisturizer for extra comfort. Another trick is when you are getting ready in the morning, applying serums and moisturizers to your face, rub the excess into the back of your hands! If you don’t use serums yet, but are looking for one, try looking into Hyaluronic Acid serums. They hold 1000 times their weight in water and will help draw in moisture.


Be wary of hand sanitizers as they can be drying and irritate the skin. When looking for one, find a hydrating formula that is alcohol free and includes essential oils. The Eminence Hand Cleaner is a great example to keep the good bacteria that we need while geting rid of the bad bacteria, while keeping hand soft and silky.


Here is a handy checklist for all of your winter skin care needs!


  • A soft and hydrating hand soap
  • Cuticle oil, Eminence Organic Apricot Body Oil
  • Footlogix # 2 Dry Skin Formula (moose to cream)
  • Moisture Masque for hands and feet. Try the ginger and green tea.
  • A great travel size moisturizer like the Tea Tree and Mint from Eminence Organic Skin Care
  • A good pair of Cuticle Nippers
  •  Cuticle pusher

With these tips both your and your clients hands are sure to stay young and soft through the winter months.

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