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Cover Photo: CrackersAboutLacquers


Backpack: CHECK

Notebooks: CHECK

New Clothes: CHECK



Want fabulous nails to match that brand new haircut you’re donning this season? We know you've already got your school supplies on lock down. We wanted to make sure your nail art is up to date for the season ahead to pick-you-up and keep you stylish throughout everything this year has in store for you!



Scalloped Nails – We absolutely love the look of scalloped nail designs. Whether over a clear coat or with a neutral base this design is the perfect pick-me-up and a variation for a modern day French, play with color and have fun with this style!


Clear With Design – School is hard enough, you shouldn’t be worrying about chipping your nails or needing a touch up every other day. Sticking with a clear nail and adding art in the middle of the nail will mean that you wont need touch ups as often and can deal with a clear coat chip.


Try On Texture – If you’re stuck in a style rut, change up your texture! A gritty, bumpy or raised finished is the easiest way to update any mani.


Metallic Mani – Although we would love to rock a mirrored nail everyday of the week, metallic polish may be the way to go for an everyday look.


You're A Gem! – Whether over a clear coat or a color of your choosing, gems are the easiest and most chic way to add a little embellishment to your mani. You can see some of our favorite blinged out mani’s here, and pick up your very own gems at Sally’s Beauty or even online!


Stay Neutral – High school can be drama enough, pick a neutral shade to keep your nails on the calm side. With so many hues out there you can find the perfect fit to match and accentuate your natural skin tone.


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