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Cover Art: @Marimelets

What’s worse than a broken nail? Well… we can think of a few things, but broken nails are annoying and can also be painful and harmful to your hand health. With the plethora of nail shapes, designs and art in the word of nails it can be tempting, fun, or downright confusing to choose a shape.


Choosing a shape should also take into consideration a few key elements:

  • Your profession
  • How often you use your hands/nails throughout the day
  • Workout routine
  • Nail strength
  • Lifestyle
  • Extracurricular activities
  • The list goes on…

Basically, we use our hands more than anything, to type on our phones, fix our hair, wash dishes, pick up pets or children and drive. We need to be aware of what the best shape are to avoid breakage in brittle nails.

Round, squoval or oval shapes are the best nail shapes when you are looking to grow nails or keep them from breaking. On short lengths, these styles will allow you to go about your daily routine without having to worry about chipping or splitting your nails.



Round shapes are best on longer nail beds, while oval can work to elongate your fingers. Squoval is probably the easiest and most universal shape and can work on almost anyone’s nail.

Remember when shaping to only file in one direction, keep them on the shorter side, and always keep them moisturized with cuticle oil and conditioning agents to ensure healthy nails.


For even more nail tips to avoid damage, breakage, and brittleness be sure to check out How To Avoid Nail Breakage, and stay tuned for even more tips for your tips!