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With attention on new zodiac signs, this year’s Blood Moon and other astral happenings, the stars above continue to be a strong source of inspiration. We often turn to them to decide which paths to take, relationships to keep, when to travel, and when to stay home, and which colors we should be wearing this fall.

Things seem to have aligned when it comes to Esmeralda, a beautiful gradient with two galactic shades, Emerald Lights and Dark Diamonds (Vinylux). It shines brighter than the stars in the sky and leaves you with a taste of heaven on Earth.

The latest Starstruck Collection is all about glitter, and its decadence is truly a crowd pleaser. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create this luminous manicure that is anything but ordinary.






1. Start with clean, manicured nails. 


2. Apply a thin layer of SHELLAC® Base Coat. Cure for 10 seconds in the CND® LED Lamp.


3. Apply a thin layer of SHELLAC® Black Pool. Cure for one minute.


4. Apply SHELLAC® Emerald Lights from the cuticle to the center of the nail, using the CND® Gel Flat Oval Brush, blending down towards the extension edge, keeping the majority of the product in the cuticle area. DO NOT CURE.


5. Using a makeup sponge and tweezers, apply SHELLAC® Dark Diamonds to the center of the nail, blending the color at the tip. Cure for one minute.


6. Apply a thin layer of XPRESS5™ Top Coat. Cure for one minute.


7. Wipe with 99% Isopropyl Alcohol to remove top film. 


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