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I don’t know about you but I absolutely love Fall. Scarves, sweaters, boots, crisp fall air … ok, maybe some of this is a bit of a stretch since I live in Southern California where we are heading into September in solid 90 degree weather. However, even if I am still rocking sandals when “Fall” is in full swing, you can guarantee my pedicure is reflecting the seasonal change!


With the commencement of colder weather comes deeper, richer colors for your mani and pedi. It appears that everyone has their favorite go-to wine lacquer and must-have “almost” black (Is it navy? Is it plum? Is it actually black?). My nail tech already knows that together we are in for a variety of dark pedi polishes from now to the beginning of 2017.


Zoya ‘Courtney’ - part of Zoya’s new Urban Grunge Collection - has already made its way onto my toes and, if I am being honest, there is a strong possibility it will continue to be there for the foreseeable future. This deep red is so rich and coverage is amazing. Also, although it is dark and delicious (weird? maybe.), it is still very clearly not black.


Typically, I would pop this same color on my nails (over and over again) and call it a day. Dark nails have always been more of my thing anyway. But (there’s a twist here), I decided to switch it up - after all, it is still August. I did a quick coat of Zoya ‘Noah’ and kind of fell in love. The Zoya one-coat cremes are exactly what they say they are. With one fast and easy swipe of this beautiful taupe I was ready to add a little detail.


I paired ‘Noah’ with Zoya ‘Troy’  - a pewter with the perfect amount of metallic in it. I used ‘Troy’ to make simple little dots; one dot on the base of each finger. I made sure to give the little dots ample time to dry - a solid 5 minutes or maybe a little longer. I have a bad habit of adding my topcoat too quickly and smudging my nail art so I decided to play it safe with this one since I wanted “dots” and not smudged ovals.

Switching up my standard dark mani for muted neutrals has been an amazing low-maintenance manicure option for me. With work being busy and not a whole lot of time to be redoing my nails over and over, this color combo has been perfect!


Want to see a swatch? Let us know what your favorite Zoya shades are in the comments below! & Be sure to check out all of our latest Nail Inspirations!