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We’ve been pining for fashion week, wondering about which styles will unfold when it comes to our nails. What shades will be hits, what nail art we’ll want to steal, and the newest shapes and trends for the coming season. To get a sneak peek we spoke to Kayo Higuchi, International Nail Artist, and in our minds – nail goddess!


*The set of nails (with the chains) will be featured in the October issue of Nylon Magazine


This season she is seeing “lace-up” nails making a huge splash. Taking the jewelry element one step further, we can actually add chains and embellished elements to our nails to connect them!


Stripes are being used this season in creative ways, different than we have seen before. With thin lines going horizontal, vertical, and diagonal this is just the beginning. Using small lines to accentuate nail shapes and create negative space designs will be seen more and more this fall!


In terms of colors, we will be seeing a nod toward the grungy side. Pinks will become more ashy and “dirty” and gray will be making a huge comeback. Combining colors will also be a huge trend this fall, using a few colors on the same manicure, or combined in nail art and designs.


Have fun with your Nail Art this fall and be sure to stalk out Kayo Higuchi on Nailstyle to see her latest uploads and inspirations!