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We were lucky enough to interview Nails By Erin about her interest in nail art and design, how she got her start and the trends she's predicting this year in nail art and color! Be sure to check out @nails_by_erin on Instagram and nails-by-erin.com for her latest uploads and inspirations!



When & how you got your start: I always have been very artistic, and I love to draw, paint or do anything creative. When I started high school, however, I didn't have enough room in my schedule for an art class. I needed to find something creative to do, and after seeing a nail tutorial online, I tried it out for myself. I absolutely loved it and I've been doing nail art ever since!

When in doubt, polish them: Light blue with silver glitter! It's always my go-to, since light blue is my favorite color and I love a little bit of sparkle. :)


Shimmer or Glitter? Matte or high shine?: Glitter, of course! And I've always loved the look of classic high shine nails.


I never sit down to do a mani without my: Phone! I scroll through Instagram and play games to keep myself occupied while my polish dries.


From where do you draw inspiration? I often draw inspiration from graphic designs and patterns. I love to take patterns from notebooks, fabrics, and little designs that I see from day to day and do nail art inspired by them! Geometric or floral patterns are some of my favorite designs to turn into nail art.


Current obsession?: Liquid latex for nail art clean-up! There are so many different versions of it, with different brush sizes and colors. It is such a great tool for newbies and even experienced nail artists to avoid mess! I can't imagine living without it now.


Accent nails: 1, 2 or 3? I usually tend to do 2 accent nails. My favorite combination is some sort of pattern on my middle nail, with a glitter accent nail on my ring finger!


Favorite style of nail art to create: I have a recent obsession with doing gradient nails. They always look so beautiful and unique! I love to change it up by adding patterns or flowers over the gradient.


From start to finish, how long do you spend on the average manicure? I would estimate about an hour and a half, though I sometimes spend more time if I'm doing more nail art. I can be a perfectionist, so I am definitely kind of person who could spend hours perfecting my nails!


Best tip for novices looking to master nail art: Practice, practice, practice! I never liked hearing this, either, but just looking through my old Instagram pictures is a reminder on how important it is to keep practicing and improving. The difference between my nail art two years ago and my nail art now is huge!


We’ve seen everything from shattered glass to water droplets. What do you think will be trending next in the world of nail art? 

It's sometimes hard to predict, especially since we've seen so many crazy trends in the past. I have a feeling that people will be shying away from unconventional nail art and instead trying out a lot of simple nail art designs, like geometric or color-blocking nails.


What colors do you think are going to be big for summer 2016? What about fall?

I think that bright blues might be popular this summer. Most people lean towards neons but since the Pantone color of the year is a periwinkle blue, I think that we may see a few variations of that shade for summer nail polishes. For fall, burgundy or wine polishes are always a favorite, and I definitely expect them to be popular again this year.


Be sure to stalk Erin on Bangstyle and stay tuned for even more nail art!