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Nail trends never cease to amaze us. They can literally pull inspiration from anything, fashion, beauty, culture, and even food. They are the perfect temporary expression of trends, feelings, obsessions and adorations. In the latest nail trend from @nail_unistella, she gives us all a sweet tooth with her design. #GummyBearNails are now the latest trending nail design to hit the social sphere, and who couldn’t love something as sweet as this?!


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On her Instagram account she shows us how she created her own gummy bears (we’re assuming not edible) in a mold and attaches them to her perfectly white nails. Although we feel as though these would leave us craving a snack, they are still as cute as can be!

What do you think about Gummy Bear Nails? Sound off below in the comments and let us know how you show off your favorite sweets!

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