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Whether at work or school, we’re sure the craving for some Halloween candy has set in! Why not cure your sweet tooth with a little CANDY CORN! This nail art design is as easy as one, two, three!

STEP 1:  Start off with clean, manicured nails.

STEP 2: Apply a base coat of your choosing.

STEP 3: Apply 1-2 coats of white nail polish to the entire nail – We used It’s In The Cloud By O.P.I. for a soft shade.


STEP 4: Next, apply a stripe of orange to the middle of your nail – We used Cam by Zoya for the perfect pop of pumpkin orange.

STEP 5: Apply a stripe of yellow to the tip and finish with a top coat to lock in your style! – We used Zuma Beach Bum by Lauren B.

Enjoy your candy corn and be sure to sound off below on your favorite Halloween nail designs!