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It’s that time of year again.  The air is as cold and dry as a martini, and all you want to do is put your butt directly in the fireplace with some cozy socks and ratty sweatpants. Baby it’s cold outside! and each year you are faced with the same dry, cracked brittle nails.


The winter climate has the same effect on your nails as it does on your skin and hair, and it isn’t good. How to battle the effects of Jack Frost nipping on those sad little paws?  Here are some tips to keep your nails healthy and strong during the dark days of winter.


1. Wear gloves - the solvents and chemicals that we use during our Sunday household chores can have a profound effect on our nail and skin health. Wear gloves when exposed to these chemicals.  


2. You are what you eat. Nails included. Foods high in Omega 3s and 6s will aid in moisturizing the nail beds and thicken nails.  Eating foods like salmon, eggs, liver and milk can all help fortify your nail health.


3. Hydrate - it’s what nails need. The proper moisturizer can keep nails supple and prevent splitting. Rubbing cuticle oil on before bed (olive oil can work in a pinch) can stave off winters dry cold snaps.



With your hands being the first thing you offer a new friend in greeting and introduction…. Make an impression! And a good one of course!