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Written By: Jessie Gutierrez

WARNING! May Cause Distracted Driving


Ever wish you could sparkle in the sunlight like Edward from Twilight? No, I’m not talking about the #HighlighterChallenge (however, that may yield the same results). Cupcake Polish holos are probably be the closest you can get to shimmering day and night without covering your face in highlighter makeup.


Holo:   Short for holographic.  Holo(graphic) polishes have very fine microshimmer-like material (Spectraflair) that gives off a rainbow-like effect when viewed at different angles and in different lighting.  Holo can be either linear or scattered. (Definition Courtesy Of: Peachy Polish)


When I came across Cupcake Polishes I could not wait to try out their gorgeous colors! The glitters seemed so vibrant and the holos seemingly threw so many different color flecks - but I had to remind myself that was in pictures. Was it too good to be true?


The reality is that pictures do not do these polishes justice! While they look awesome on IG and Snapchat, nothing compares to having these colors literally at your fingertips.


I have always loved glitter (who doesn’t?) but sometimes it can be too much for daily life (I know, blasphemy!). That is where holos come in.


Holographic polishes are perfect for everyday! They give you that sparkle that you crave with a slightly subdued edge. I have never experienced glitters and holos quite like those from Cupcake Polish. The polishes have a great consistency; not too thick, not too sheer. They spread easily and I did not experience any streaking or bubbling. I prepped by nails with “Bonder” by ORLY and with two coats I was ready to go - no base color needed to make it appear solid. I topped off my manicure with Gel-setter by Essie and the color lasted for 6 days without chipping or lifting. The best part was that the shine of the holo never dulled.


FYI, you may find yourself mesmerized by the shimmer on your fingers. When the sunlight would hit my nails while driving it was hard not to become mildly obsessed at how pretty the colors were. Consider yourself warned.


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