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Since we were kids, we’ve been taught to paint inside the lines, but with unsteady hands and untrained fingers painting your own nails is sometimes harder than Instagram videos make it look. Polish may drip or run, sometimes with the shape of your nail it's impossible to get a clean line, and don’t even get us started on the non-dominant hand. Luckily for us, new inventions have been made to make the painting of our own nails a breeze. Check out these must have mani accessories for the perfect polish each time!

Liquid Nail Tape – Do you get polish on your skin or nails often? * raises hand * You might feel like you can maybe get a few nails or your favorite hand down perfectly, or maybe every time you look at a bottle of nail polish it looks like a toddler went to town on your hands (no offense to toddlers). Liquid nail tape is your friend and a must-have item!  It allows you to create a barrier, much like painters tape, between your skin and the polish. You can also use it to create negative space for nail art and designs! That way you can paint freely and peel off the tape after for a clean, finished look in no time flat.

Polish Holder If you’ve ever knocked over a bottle of polish on the rug, or can never seem to find the bottle to hold your brush in between sets, this is the perfect accessory for you. This polish holder fits all types of bottles no matter size and shape, and will snuggly hold your polish near you but out of the way, for an accident-proof mani. 

Paint Brush – If you’re starting out with nail art, or simply want to get a great looking swatch, having a brush handy will ease your woes. It can be used to clean up edges or cuticles with nail polish remover, or used to add simple nail art.

Dotting Tool – For even the most inexperienced, the dotting tool is the simplest when it comes to nail art. Whether you want a full polka, or one dot for accenting, the dotting tool is your friend. If this seems daunting, simply pick up some orange wood sticks. Their shape can be used to push cuticles, clean up edges, and even add a bit of polka!

Do you have any must-have mani accessories? Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments below!