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As the holiday chaos begins to come to a close and you are gearing up for the New Year, it is important to take a moment for yourself and get some quality R&R. Whether you are a mom, or know someone who is; you know that taking time to relax is few and far between. As a mother, children always come first, which often leaves little attention left for the ones who worry about everyone else the most.  

Getting Mommy Me-Time doesn’t have to be impossible anymore thanks to a new Spa that opened up in Studio City, California. Spa Lé La is a Spa that caters specifically to busy modern moms and offers quality onsite care for kids. Trina Renea, founder of the ever-popular Facial Bungalow in Los Angeles, created this revolutionary experience because as a mom she found it increasingly hard to find a welcoming sanctuary for moms and a safe playful space for kids.

This new space was designed to care for mothers while caring for their kids as well. When you arrive, you are greeted with tea and your children are welcomed to settle in the all-natural, clean environment of the play area – maximizing your precious time for tranquility. While your children will experience the best possible play time you can rest assured that they will be looked after properly as well. The space is perfected for children ages six months to nine years, packed with toys, books, activities, color and is under the careful watch of CPR-certified childcare professionals. With treatments, single children receive complimentary care and it’s only $6 for a second child.

Spa Lé La specializes in $70 combinations of two treatments, whether it is a bath and a nap or infrared sauna and massage throne. Building on the Facial Bungalow standards, every treatment begins with a soothing hot towel to aid in the art of beautiful skin. You can get your nails done without worry, have a soothing facial or even just take a nap in one of the private rooms! Trying to get ready for a night out on the town? Treatments can include getting hair styled and with competitive pricing, they prove that luxury doesn’t have to be outrageously expensive.
Following the opening of its maiden spa in Studio City, Spa Lé La will grow to four additional locations in the Los Angeles area. Once moms (dads welcome too) become aware of the gift of an inclusive spa designed specifically for their rejuvenation in Los Angeles, the plan is to launch franchises across America. Moms everywhere will win back their sense of self and be rewarded with rejuvenation and a fresh state of mind to face the real challenges and grind of modern motherhood.


To learn more about the experience and how to book services, be sure to visit SpaLeLa.com because every mom (and dad) deserves a little me-time!