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You got your nails done. They look amazing! And now you have to spend all day in the kitchen praying they don’t chip?! If only your nails could stay looking perfectly shiny throughout the holidays… even if your attitude doesn’t. It’s ok, the holidays are stressful. And nothing stresses us out more than that one chip in a perfectly red new mani! Check out these simple tips to keeping your nails looking perfect throughout the big day...


Base and top coat matter:

Always use a system. Starting with a clean nail bed, base and top coat can make a major difference in the durability of your mani. CND Vinyl Weekly Top Coat is our secret weapon to week long perfection! We can’t mani without it.


Rubber Gloves:

We didn’t say they were pretty, but they are effective! Try getting a pair and popping them on when you are cleaning up the epic mess everyone made in your kitchen. The harsh chemicals in dish soap are not kind to your nails and can only ensure they chip faster. Shield them from the bubbles and keep them shiny another day.



Yes, we know we just suggested shielding them from the moisture of dishpan hands. But the right moisture is important. Healthy cuticles contribute to healthy nails. After your hands have been busy all day and feel dry and tired, remember to reach for the cuticle oil before bed. Your nails will look even better with hydrated, soft hands to show them off in all their glory.


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