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Check out this awesome nail art tutorial from Hannah of @Nailzini for a spooky nail style you can wear all season long! Be sure to check out the video tutorial and follow along with the steps below!



Materials Needed:
       1 Tribal Text-styles by Essie
       2 Blanc by Essie
       3 Playing Koi by Essie
       4 Insta-Dri by Sally Hansen (top coat)
       5 Strengthener Base Coat by Kiko Milano (optional)
       7 Konad Square Image Plate 04
       8 Silicone Jelly Stamper (ID=26498) by Born Pretty Store
Usefull tools:
       6 Liquid Latex (ID=27296) by Born Pretty Store
        Nail polish remover
        Cotton pads
        Lint roller


You can of course use any nail polish colors, base and top coat, or stamping plate you like!




STEP 1: (Optional) Start by applying a base coat (5 Strengthener Base Coat by Kiko Milano) on your nails, especially when using a dark polish as a base for this design, to prevent staining when removing the design.
STEP 2: Apply as many coats as needed of your chosen base color. I used Tribal Text-styles by Essie (1) which only required 1 thick coat (or 2 thin ones) to be opaque.

STEP 3: (Optional) Apply a top coat on top of your base color. By doing this you can gently erase stamping mistakes with a cotton pad soaked in nail polish remover without ruining the base color.

STEP 4: (Optional) Apply liquid latex (6) around your finger for easy clean-up later.

STEP 5: Take you stamping plate (7 Konad Square Image Plate 04) and cover the chosen design with another nail polish (2 Blanc by Essie).



STEP 6: Using a scraper, scrape off the excess polish on the stamping plate. Then with a fast but gentle motion roll your stamper (8 Silicone Jelly Stamper) over the plate to transfer the design.
STEP 7: Press the stamper on your nail and after roll the stamper on a lint roller to clean any remaining bits of polish
STEP 8: Repeat steps 5 to 7 with another nail polish (3 Playing Koi by Essie) and place it partly over the previously stamped design.

STEP 9: (Optional) Remove the liquid latex.

STEP 10: Cover the design with a top coat (4 Insta-Dri by Sally Hansen) and you're done!


Be sure to stalk Hannah of @Nailzini for even more tutorials and inspiration!