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Naked is the name of the game for Summer, and with makeup trends hot off the runway we’re sure to see this style last far into Fall. Taking note of this movement, and building off of it, is the latest in manicure trends, nail contouring, will be taking over.

The same principals we use to correct little inconsistencies about our hair, head shape, or face can also be applied to the mini canvases that are our nails. If you file your nails into the category of “hand model” then you can keep walking, however for those of us, present company included, that want to change up the way their nail beds appear, then listen up.

Nail contouring was a big trend seen at fashion week this year that used polish in a strategic way, to help nails appear longer, thinner, and more “in fashion”. This effect is easy to create and can be applied to your nail in any color of your choosing, depending on the severity of contouring. Creating a stipe, of varied thickness, down the nail will draw your nail out to appear longer and thinner. Using darker colors or light metallic will also play off of this optical illusion for a desired effect.


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