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Cover Nail Art: Lauren's List

Nails used to be the finishing touches of an outfit, often an afterthought, picking colors after you’ve already picked your outfit. However throughout the past few seasons, nails have gone from accessory to a main influence for your entire style to a point where you might find yourself planning your outfit around your nails.


This year at fashion week proved this point more feverishly than ever. From shows like Libertine, with their intricate portraits of puppies and queens, jewelry, and bubbled holographics, to trendsetters like Tracylee at Rodarte, to the metallic machine influence at The Blondes, we have seen a large amount of inspiration coming from nail design, and fashion working around and incorporating their looks into the mix.




With all of the trends unfolding and nail art popping up not just on the runways but the nails sitting next to you in class, on the subway, or walking the streets, you may be wondering what this means for you, how to craft a new Nailstyle of your own, and what style is best suited for you. Lucky for you we have tons of styles, tips, tricks and tutorials to pick from on Nailstyle, the options are endless. There is one rule though, have fun! Pick a style based on you, and what you love, experiment often because you never know what look will best suit you, and there is no harm in trying out different shades and styles because these wearable pieces of art are easy to transform.



Be sure to check out all of our inspiration on Nailstyle and stay tuned for even more fashion forward looks from the nail artists you love the most!