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With geometric form and bold shades, the colors and shapes that spanned from 1980-1989 have proved to be the most influential in style and fashion. We’ve seen these trends emerge once again with a sharp futuristic twist, in the latest CND New Wave Collection for Spring 2017.





With 6 new shades - Video Violet, Pink Leggings, Blue Eyeshadow, Jelly Bracelet, Banana Clips, and Ecstasy (available in Vinylux and Shellac) getting the nail designs to match your retro futurist spirit have never been easier. 




These colors, bright and beautiful, are channeling movement, texture, and are kicking off the New Year with an intense new wave. See the release of these new statement nail designs from our favorite artists HERE, and be sure check out the latest step-by-steps on the CND website here: 


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