934d0a556d08c33abde6 how to prevent nail breakage

You may have noticed with the change in weather that your nails have become more brittle and they are breaking or splitting more often. To avoid excess nail damage and to keep your nails looking chic, we have a few key tips and nail shapes to avoid breakage and lead to strong, beautiful nails.

Just as your hair and skin become dehydrated, so do your nails. It is important to keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of water. When nails are dehydrated they become brittle and break much more often. This trick is great for the rest of your body too!

You may change your nail polish as often as you change your socks and that means you need to be taking care of your nail beds throughout and in between polish changes. When we over-wash (without gloves) and change polish often we are subjecting our nail beds to an array of environmental factors that weaken the layers of our nails.

To help combat the damage done by our need to try different shades on the daily, eat your veggies! Getting the proper dose of vitamins can help improve the look and feel of your nails.

Along with daily maintenance for your nails, filing your nails properly and applying lotions and oils will help improve the integrity of them. When filing, it is important to consider what tools you are using. Glass files tend to be less harsh on nail beds, and using them at an angle will also cut down on breakage. As you file you should file in one direction (not back and forth) and start from the outside corners and move in, using a lower grit nail file is also key for brittle nails. Be sure to check out which Nail Shape is best to avoid breakage as well, to keep nails long and strong!

Last, but not least moisturize! Every time you wash your hands and throughout the day be sure to apply lotion to your hands and nails or even better, a cuticle oil every chance you get. This will not only improve your nails and cuticles it will keep your hands soft and supple.


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