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You may have noticed a new trend popping up on twitter from celebrities and individuals alike, a single purple painted nail on the left ring finger. Although not a trend, this gesture stands for something more profound; it is to show support for domestic violence.


#PutTheNailInIt is a vow to stand up and take a stance against domestic violence. This campaign, organized by Safe Horizon asks individuals to make a donation to the cause, paint their left ring finger purple (the color associated with domestic violence awareness), and upload the image to social media, tagging #PutTheNailInIt.


The gesture is to bring light to this all too often dimly lit cause, and to create an action around it that is visible.


Safe Horizon is a New York based operation that supports victims and families of domestic violence. This gesture is one that can be done by male, and female, and nail artists alike. Lets rally some support for this cause and take a minute to end domestic violence, donate, paint, and share.

For more information please feel free to visit SafeHorizon.org and PutTheNailInIt.com.