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You never noticed them before, but suddenly…you have ridges in your nails. [Insert gasp here.] No, we aren’t making fun. It can be scary to notice a change in your nails. What does it mean? Where did they come from?


Ridges that are vertical, stemming from the top of the nail bed making their way all the way down the nail are (sadly) normal, and typically nothing to worry about. Nails can develop ridges as we age. Consider them the laugh lines for the hands. I know, not so funny. If you don’t like the look of your ridges, buffing your nails or using a good ridge filler will do the trick for a perfectly smooth finish to your manicure.


If you notice a change in color, or develop horizontal ridges, you should consult your doctor. Nails, skin and hair can reflect your overall health and can often show off an underlying health condition. It’s always better to be on the safe side, if you see a fast change get a quick check up to make sure all is ok and to put your mind at ease.


Meanwhile, the rest of us will just be panicking that even our nails are getting old over here!

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