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Nail trends are forever evolving: one minute, natural lengths are trending, the next minute, elongated talons are all the rage. One tip style that keeps coming back? Acrylics. Sure, the styles may change, but acrylic has remained the top type of nail enhancement over the past few decades. But, even though they may be trending, acrylics are a huge commitment that shouldn’t be taken lightly. So should you hop on the acrylic bandwagon? Keep reading to find out if you should head to the salon for a fresh set or let the trend fizzle out.

The Style:

Though acrylics are the most popular type of nail enhancement, the way women are wearing them is always changing. Unlike the square-shaped pink-and-whites that reigned supreme during the late ’90s/early ’00s, these days, anything goes when it comes to acrylics. From nude to over-the-top nail art, acrylic provides the ideal base to allow you to express your individuality. While acrylic overlays, the process of applying acrylic over the natural nail without extending the free edge, are a go-to style for some women, right now it’s all about a longer length and an on-trend nail shape. Think: oval, almond and coffin.

The Maintenance:

Unlike the ever-changing shapes and designs, the upkeep for acrylics remains the same. Bi-weekly fills are required to prevent lifting and eliminate signs of growth. One thing that’s essential when becoming an avid acrylic client? Find a salon and tech that you trust. You want to make sure that your tech uses high-quality acrylic—unfortunately, lower-end salons are still using acrylic powders formulated with illegal methyl methacrylate, also known as MMA, a toxic chemical that can cause burning, dizziness, difficulty breathing and major damage to the nail plate.

The Care:

In addition to going to the salon, you also have to use caution with your nails. Though you may be tempted to pry open a soda can or jar with your long nails, doing so may cause you to break your nail and/or cause damage to the nail plate. You also need to avoid chemicals that may compromise the integrity of your acrylics, such as hair dye, cleaning sprays, etc. Wear plastic gloves whenever possible and always give your hands a good washing if you do come in contact with any type of chemical.

The Verdict:

If you find yourself going to the salon every couple of weeks anyway and are looking for more durable or longer tips, then give acrylics a try. Thanks to an endless supply of inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest, you will have plenty of styles to test-drive. If you don’t want to commit to regular appointments, we suggest sticking to traditional polish and embracing gel polish for special occasions.

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