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Remember the airbrushed flowers that were all the rage in the ’90s? The retro technique has officially made a comeback in salons everywhere, only this time nail artists are creating cool, abstract designs that read modern and fresh. Check out the top layered looks we're loving at the moment.


Think of today’s airbrushing technique as an advanced take on ombre nails. The key is to create a seamless gradient effect. To achieve a multi-colored plaid design like the one above, opt for complementary pastel hues and make sure to hold the airbrush gun at different angles to create a layered look.



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Though “Baby Boomer” nails are typically created with acrylic or gel, airbrushing allows techs to achieve the same gradient effect in half the time. Perfect for those who crave a more understated look, a French fade is just as versatile as traditional pink-and-whites with a modern edge.



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Try using a nail stencil or a business card to create clean lines. Quick tip: Make sure to remove the stencil or business card before the airbrush paint dries, otherwise you run the risk of smudging your design.




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Take a walk on the shiny side with pastel hues, shiny topcoat and a few embellishments. To create the design, use the colors of your choice to create a horizontal ombre and layer with a light dusting of mirror powder and follow with some nail jewelry. 

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