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Summer is officially winding down and while pencils, paper and a notebook are crucial items for back-to-school season, your tips must also make the grade. Read on to find out the mani must-haves to keep handy as you prepare to hit those books.


From frequent hand washing to constant note taking, your hands take a beating while you’re in and out of the classroom. Stock up on a lightweight lotion to keep your skin baby-soft without leaving it too greasy to hold a pencil.

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Nail File

Hangnails or broken nails always happen at the worst time. Make sure you’re always prepared with a file or buffer to shape and smooth your tips while you’re out and about. Remember: The lower the grit number, the more coarse the file will be.

Try: CND Kanga File

Cuticle Oil

The easiest way to keep your mani looking fresh? Keeping your cuticles soft and hydrated throughout the day. If possible, apply cuticle oil after every hand washing. Or, aim to apply it at least twice during the school day to keep your cuticles in tip-top shape.

Try: CND SolarOil

Nail Polish

To keep chips under wraps, make sure to stash a bottle of polish in your bag at all times. Ideally, it’s best to carry around your exact mani shade for easy touch-ups, but if you don’t have the exact hue, opt for a glitter polish to conceal chips on the go.

Try: CND Vinylux in Glacial Mist

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