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Dust, sun and plenty of dancing: these are just some of the things that happen at a music festival. As festivals have evolved into much more than just a music scene, the fashion (nails included) has become a point of focus. If you're looking to keep your style on point all weekend long, be sure to try these tips – they will be sure to keep your nails looking #flawless even as the tan from your wristband fades.

Go for gel polish

Unfortunately, traditional nail polish will not stand up to the chaos that is Coachella. Even if you’re not a huge fan of gel polish, we suggest wearing it on your tips and toes if you want to avoid unsightly chips while you’re in the desert.

Stash a hand lotion and cuticle oil in your bag

The desert heat is no joke. Keep your skin and nails hydrated with a nourishing hand creme. Aim to apply it every time you wash your hands—which will most likely be a lot, considering the thousands of people you’ll come into contact with—and, if can remember, apply a cuticle oil 1-2 times a day to prevent cuticles from looking dry and flakey.

Avoid bulky, 3-D looks

While a few nail charms are right on track with festival wear, it’s best to leave piled-on, oversized gems for another occasion. With so many people around, it’s highly likely that you may bang your hands or nails on something, causing your gems to fall off. To prevent your mani from looking like a hot mess by the end of the weekend, keep your embellishments to a minimum and stash a nail glue in your bag just in case your charms come loose.

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