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Brazilian women have the best beauty techniques—waxing, hair—you name it, they’ve mastered it. But did you know the country has its own manicuring method? Though it may be unusual, the Brazilian manicure delivers impeccable results. Read on to see if this unconventional manicure style is worth a try.

Every Brazilian manicure begins by soaking hands in paraffin wax, followed by a deep exfoliation. Next, the nail tech completely removes the cuticle. That’s right, despite all of the warnings about cuticle cutting, Brazilian techs nip everything off the nail plate using a specialized extra-sharp cuticle clipper in order to achieve a clean look. Now here’s where things get a little messy—literally! The tech applies base coat, nail color and top coat all over the nail and even to the surrounding skin. So why apply polish in such a haphazard manner? Because the cuticles have been completely removed, the polish can better bond to the nail plate and the outer edges. The final act? The tech meticulously cleans up the nail and skin using an acetone-soaked piece of cotton on top of an orangewood stick. The result? Flawless tips that promise to outlast any standard polish job.

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