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An artist is only as good as their tools, especially when it comes to nail art. Unfortunately, there’s only so much you can do with a polish brush, and in today’s world where intricate line work and detailed designs reign supreme, it’s important that you keep the proper tools within reach if you want to take your artistry to the next level, whether you’re a polish pro or a nail art aficionado. Keep reading to discover the top five brushes to stash in your nail arsenal.

Detail brush

A fine-tipped brush is key to painting intricate patterns, filling in designs and cleaning up thin lines or polish gone awry. When shopping for the right detail brush, analyze the handle. If it fits comfortably in your hand and you’re able to grip it like a pencil, you’ve found the perfect match.

Striping brush

Painting straight, even lines is a breeze with a striping brush. Unlike a polish brush or standard oval brush, a striping brush features ultra-narrow bristles that stick together rather than fan out and leave streaks all over the nail. The key to creating perfect lines? Gently “pull” the polish with the brush in one fluid motion to prevent any jagged edges.

Fan brush

Ever wonder how pros create those colorful abstract designs you see all over Instagram? A handy dandy fan brush. Perfect for newbie nail artists, you can simply dip a fan brush in polish, then gently sweep it across the nail for an easy abstract look.

Flat brush

If you’re a fan of floral print, then a flat brush is definitely essential. Not only does a flat brush offer precision and control when applying color, it also can be used to blend out a pattern or apply gel polish.

Dotting tool

While it’s not an actual brush, a dotting tool is definitely a game-changer when it comes to nail art, whether you want to add a small circle to your design or create an all-over polka dot pattern. The best part? Dotting tools are usually dual-sided with a large circular tip and a small circular tip, allowing you to create perfect dots every time.

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Cover Image Credit:  @nonakednails_