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Sometimes breaking into the nail world can be hard! It will take patience and time to be able to follow your dream!  However, with hard work and dedication, you can be successful in the industry!  Our journey starts when we decide to go to school and get our education. While in school we learn the basics of how to do nails and the anatomy of the nails and hands. With that the journey to learn everything we can when it comes to nails begins. I was fortunate enough to have an instructor who taught me to research everything I could so I could be successful. One of those was to research the area where I was going to be looking for employment. So here are my 5 tips on finding a good fit for yourself at a salon that will help you build your clientele and pick the future for you. 

1. Decide where you would like your location to be

Go to multiple salons in the area you are looking at. Make an appointment and see how they are inside. You want to be able to see if they practice good sanitary measure, the owners are present and working well with the service providers. Then watch how everyone interacts. 

2.  Walk-in clientele

Observe while getting your service done and ask the tech questions. Ask how the walk-in clientele is and if they are busy. You can tell how busy the salon will be by how many techs and clients are there. You want to see if they are turning away potential clients as that could be a client that will be at your desk. 

3.  How many years have they been in business 

This one can be tricky because on one hand some clients like new and trendy salons. Some clients like salons they know that have been there for a while. While others like salons that have been around for years. When I researched and found the salon I started out the owner had been in business for 30 years and had two salons. To me, that meant she knew how to keep people coming back and I wanted to learn. 

4. Advertising inside and outside the salon 

Many times us nail techs advertise for ourselves. That would be in social media, word of mouth or just talking about what you do for a job to new friends. That can be rewarding because you're doing the work to actively reach your goal and put yourself out there. But what about the salon advertising as well? This will help you build a base clientele and get you started. When the salon advertises that you are there that is showing the community that they are proud of the tech they have. They can advertise what services you do as well as a special you may have going on. 

5. Services that you do

When picking and choosing a salon you want to make sure you have enough space to do all the services that you provide. If you need extra room you can always ask the owners if it is possible to accommodate you. Do not be afraid to ask when you are interviewing with them. If they are willing to help you and accommodate you that means they are there to help you succeed. They want you to grow and be able to flourish. Find a salon with owners who are willing to help and encourage you to become better every day!  

I started nails 14 years ago and when I did research to look for a salon to start at these helped me so much. You want to make sure you have a good fit for you and your growing clientele. Look for advice from the salon owners they are there to help you. Sometimes just sitting down and talking to them will teach you a lot more than just watching. I started really talking to my salon owner and asking her how she has made it so long with her salon?  Her response was simple you need to treat each client as one of your own the rest will follow. She also said that no matter what she always looked out for the best interest of her service providers.  She knew if she believed in you we would believe in ourselves and that would show everyone that came in. 

– Kim Stoddard @kimstoddardnails

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