Fd480f056392db15cc46 clear matte nails

Whether you’re detoxing from gel or looking for a fun way to ring in spring – clear matte nails are exactly what your spring break ordered. Keep reading to find out the best ways to rock this trend.

You don’t have to worry about coloring outside the lines

The great part about going clear means that if you don’t have the steadiest hand, you don’t need to worry. A matte topcoat is very similar to a clear topcoat and will simply change the appearance of the finish of your nail bed.


It goes great with any skin tone

This is the ultimate compliment to a natural look. A matte topcoat may lighten your nail bed slightly with an off white feel, but for the most part a matte topcoat will subtly update your current tones.


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You can change it up with one topcoat

Want something a little less natural? You can still use this topcoat over any other lacquer shade for an easy way to update your nail polish collection. For an extra dimension, mix up your topcoat choices!


Try combining with nail art

We absolutely loved this subtly change with floral designs and with the onset of minimalism and single line nail art, a matte topcoat really makes the design.


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