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Think all nail polish is created equal? Think again. Long before the hybrid, gel-like lacquer craze started, CND Vinylux was the first and only product on the market designed to give users prolonged wear and unbeatable shine. Even though there are more high-performance polishes available these days, Vinylux remains to be a favorite with consumers and professionals alike. Check out the top five reasons why this long-wear lacquer continues to reign supreme.

No base.

That’s right. This “power polish” delivers professional results without the need for a base coat. Each nail color is formulated with self-adhering properties designed to bond to the nail without staining.

Up to 7 days of wear.

For those lacquer manicure devotees, this product provides the most bang for your buck. CND stands behinds its claim that the Vinylux system (Color Coat and Top Coat) offers more than 7 days of wear, a huge difference compared to the 3-4 days that traditional polish lasts.

Quick application and removal.

Vinylux is designed to fully dry in just a few minutes without the need for a UV or LED lamp, a huge perk for both at-home users and salon professionals. Plus, it removes just as quickly and easily as traditional lacquer with any standard polish remover, no soaking required.

More than 100 on-trend shades.

As a Fashion Week regular, CND carefully curates its color collections based on up-and-coming trends. Plus, the polish line features a variety of finishes for every type of user—from cremes to glitter to sheer, there’s a shade to fit your every mood.

Professional results, every time.

Whether you DIY or visit the salon for your Vinylux application, the color always looks flawless, ultra-glossy and smooth. Vinylux was carefully designed with the salon professional in mind, from its formulation to the polish brush, meaning it’s easy to achieve impeccable results no matter what your skill level.

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