E6451dcdf371bee209ac coffee infused nail polish

Most mornings you probably wish you could hook up to an IV of coffee, the smooth creamy treat is a necessity to make it through the day for most. While you can easily see the benefits of drinking coffee, there may also be benefits to applying it to your beauty routine as well.

Frank Bod made headlines with their influencer-obsessed scrub campaign, reaping the benefits of tightening and toning your skin by using a coffee scrub.  Taking it one step further, Nails Inc. has harnessed the best qualities of caffeine to perk up your manicure.

So what exactly does caffeine do for your nails?

About the same thing it does for our mind, body, and soul! It perks up our nail beds promoting nail regeneration to promote stronger, healthier nails.

While Nails Inc. ran a limited edition line of moody browns and glitter (not jittery) shades, their Caffeine Hit scrub is still available. Here’s hoping they (or another brand) decides to include caffeine in their latest inventions.

Stay tuned for even more nail inspiration and take a peek at these inspiring nail styles!