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Forget about the modern take on French tips—this fall, it’s all about adding color to the cuticle. Cuffed nails are the latest trend sweeping Instagram. The minimalist style features a solid base with a slim arc of color around the cuticle. But don’t think this look lacks creativity—nail artists everywhere are adding their own spin on the wearable trend. Check out the top cuffed looks we’re loving at the moment.



Chrome cuffs using our @buybunbun x @minxnails babies available for pre-order now @buybunbun

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To achieve a flawless arc, opt for pre-made cuff nail stickers. Nail artist Bel Fountain-Townsend applied Buy Bun Bun chrome cuffs atop a cool gray shade for a sleek and futuristic look. The key to using the decals? Make sure the cuticle area is completely smooth before applying the cuff, then apply a layer of gel to encase the sticker and create a seamless finish.



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Dress up a sheer flesh tone polish with a touch of glitter at the cuticle. A bronze, gold or rose gold shade adds a hint of glamour to the everyday look.



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When working on shorter nails, it’s best to keep the cuff very slim. If you paint a thicker cuff, it will cause the nail to look short and stubby. Use a striping brush to paint the arc around the nail, then use a detail brush and acetone to clean up the line.


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To elongate your nails, opt for an almond nail shape and an opaque nude hue as the base to your cuffed look, then apply a contrasting metallic shade at the cuticle. This will draw the eye toward the base of the nail and give the appearance of a longer nail bed.