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I have officially found the power couple of nail polishes and before you roll your eyes - this dynamic duo is one seriously worth investing in*. *it is so good you may want to buy multiples and stash them in multiple locations


essie Going Steadyfrom the “Soda Pop Shop Collection”: a milky ivory nail polish with iridescent shimmer. With just the right amount of opalescence, this polish takes you from bare-nailed to “barely there” with a hint of “BAM! I feel beautiful”. End result: Your nails will glisten in the sunlight like Edward from Twilight stepping out from beyond the shadows.   

Image: Instagram/@polishedhippy

essieSpeed.Setter”: an ultra-fast dry top coat. It.is.FAST. I popped this over a coat of freshly painted polish and went to bed 10 min later looking like Tutankhamun in his tomb 100% expecting to wake up with those infamous (and irritating) sheet imprints on at least one or more of my nails. To my surprise, I woke up like Bey ready to slay the day with 10 perfectly polished and damage-free super shiny nails.  

Image: Instagram/@farmaciacandelier


That “last minute mani” (i.e., That quick, no-fuss, get-the-job-done polish session with one goal in mind - showing up to the determined destination with something other than bare nails).


  • Heading out of town with no time in sight for an appointment
  • That last minute meeting at work
  • Unexpected date night
  • Unexpected ladies night
  • Personal “pick me up” session
  • Weekend Wedding
  • Wine + Dine (other people optional)


A. At home

B. In your desk at work

C. Perfectly packed with your go-bag of travel essentials

D. All of the above

Whether you are out of time - or merely out of patience when it comes to waiting for paint to dry - these two nail polishes are an easy option for an upgrade.

For more on the “Soda Pop Shop” Collection: this collection from essie will have you jiving in six shades of nail polish cuteness. See all of the shades HERE.