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Father’s Day is around the corner, and before you go shopping for another tie/golf shirt/case of their favorite beer, why not get the men in your life something they are sure to enjoy? A mani/pedi. Even though they may deny it, pretty much all men enjoy a quality manicure and pedicure. How could they not? Relaxing music, an enjoyable massage and no responsibilities for at least 30 minutes! But pure relaxation isn’t the only reason to get Dad to the nail salon. Check out the top five reasons why a mani/pedi is exactly what the men in your life need this Father’s Day.

1 – Men’s skin is usually drier.

Unfortunately, guys aren’t usually religious about their moisturizing routine. In fact, most men stray away from lotions and creams because they are “too greasy.” Since most techs massage the lotion into the skin, men will have a hard time saying no to the moisturization—especially when the “grease’ is left on someone else’s hands.


2 – Men are prone to ingrown toenails.

Guys aren’t as careful when trimming their own toenails, resulting in nails that are too short or left ragged, leading to painful ingrown toenails. Regular pedicures are the key to treating and preventing this type of nail growth. Plus, techs can help ease the pain as the nail grows out.


3 –  Foot odor—enough said.

Yes, foul-smelling feet is an unfortunate side effect of men leaving their sneakers on a little too long. Unless men are pouring baby powder in their shoes on a daily basis, the best way to eliminate the gross stench is a good, fresh-scented foot soak.


4 – Men get calluses on their feet and hands.

Whether they’re using their hands for work, constantly lifting weights at the gym without gloves or wearing flip-flops on a daily basis, calluses can happen anywhere. Although calluses shouldn’t be removed, they do need to buffed down on a regular basis, ideally by a professional who knows how to properly handle the hardened skin.


5 – Men need to look good, too.

Weekly pamper nights aren’t necessarily the first item on a guy’s agenda. And as much as they’d rather watch Sports Center, men need to keep their tips and toes in check, whether they work in a professional environment and need to look well-kept, or, they’re trying to impress the ladies. (No girl is going to say yes to a date if she sees gnarly feet or dirty fingernails.) See, a mani/pedi is the Father’s Day gift that keeps on giving!

What are you getting the man in your life for Father's Day? Let us know what you think about this idea in the comments below and be sure to check out even more ideas about nail care on Nailstyle!