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Crystals and their healing powers may be up for debate, but geode nails are a trend that everyone can get on board with. So what exactly is a geode? Geodes are the crystallized interiors of igneous and sedimentary rocks. Think of the style as a step up from the marble trend; geode nails feature the same “layered” look, but with color and sparkle—the perfect design to transition into warmer weather. Here, easy ways to try out the rockin’ look:



lovin these a lot So sparkly and looks like real gemstone irl with the iridiscent glitter flakes inside

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Recreate a rock’s sparkling interior with iridescent glass paper and gold foil or polish around the perimeter of the nail. To create the geode’s “layered” appearance, apply a sheer, pearly shade around the center of the nail, then apply a dark jewel tone around the outer edges. Use a striping brush to blend the colors together, but don’t mix the shades too much or the colors will look muddy.


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The key to this look is lots of layering! Mix together different types of glitter (gel polish, loose glitter, etc.) to achieve the multifaceted sparkle effect.


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Play around with different marbling techniques to add dimension to the look. A marble pattern acts as the perfect backdrop to showcase the crystal center.



Close up on those 'geode' nail accents :) #geodenails #marble #holographicnails #depth

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Professionals, take your enhancements a step further and use an electric file to carve out “bands” to give it that rock-like appearance.

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