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Spring is in full force, which means you have zero time to waste running to the salon for a quick touch-up. So how can you get your polish to stay put? Read on to discover easy yet unconventional ways to prolong the life of your mani this season.

Tip #1: Break out those dish gloves

You may feel like a housewife straight out of the 50s, but dish gloves are a cheap and easy way to help your polish stay intact. Not only does it protect your lacquer from hard water, it also prevents your skin and cuticles from drying out.

Tip #2: Paint outside the lines

One thing that sets Brazilian manicures apart from standard American paint jobs? Brazilian techs purposely paint all over the nail. (Think: the messy, polish-flooded manicures of your younger years). So why do these pros apply polish in such a careless manner? Applying polish all over the nail (and surrounding skin) ensures that it will adhere to the entire nail plate, including the sidewalls and free edge. Just make sure to do a thorough clean-up with acetone; otherwise, your manicure will look like you let a kindergartener do it.

Tip #3: Double up your base

Two is always better than one, especially when it comes to base coats. Layering base coats not only helps polish stay on longer, it also allows you to make the most out of multiple formulas. For example, you can apply a ridge-filling base coat for smoothness followed by a rubberized base coat for stronger adhesion. However, there is a catch: When using multiple base coats, you must apply the first formula to the top half of your nail, then apply the second to the entire nail to add double the staying power.

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