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If you can never get enough gold, silver, glitter and bling, then it’s pretty safe to say you’re into living the luxe life. Why not inject your signature glamazon style into your tips? Read on to find out what shades and nail art styles to keep in rotation.

Style Icons: Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Madonna, Marilyn Monroe

Your Color Palette: Shimmer, metallic and chrome are your go-to finishes. Stick with bold, eye-catching shades that are begging for a red carpet appearance, such as shimmery pink, bronze or a multi-colored glitter hue.


CND Creative Play Look No Hands


Essie Penny Talk


OPI Titanium


Your Nail Art:

For the Mani Minimalist:

CREDIT: Instagram/@lacquerage

A touch of chunky glitter adds just a hint of luxe appeal without going over the top. To achieve a sleek and modern glitter French, apply a base color and allow it to dry completely. Then, place two pieces of striping tape in a “V” formation at the free edge and apply glitter polish. Remove the striping tape before the glitter dries in order to preventing smudging or denting.


For the Art Aficionado:

CREDIT: Nailstyle/@naq57

Unfortunately, there is such thing as too much bling. Piling on too many large crystals or rhinestones can look top-heavy and unflattering on the nail. Instead, play around with dimension by using both large and small crystals and chunky and super-fine glitter.

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