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In this moving article, Nail Pro Coach Barb Abeyta details her tops tips for setting your goals and achieving them! 

How do I break through and become like those successful nail pros I admire?  Why do I set goals when I don’t get them anyways? What does it take to become a successful goal achiever?  Why is it so hard?  I ask these questions over and over in my mind.  Sometimes, I would get my goal and other times, I just fall short.  All the time, my journey to get my goals was filled with stress, worry, anger, resentment, sadness, and disappointment.

So, what does it take? 

I always looked at other successful nail pros and said, “They must be smarter, richer, skinnier, luckier, prettier, more talented and nicer”.  These are the stories I created to keep myself exactly where I was.  These were the excuses I held onto, to attempt to make myself feel better for my disappointments in me.  When I accepted and loved who “I AM”, then I was able to see, I was all those things and more.  I began to see things differently and I began to DREAM in full color.  I became aware that I can create what I want and that I am beyond powerful.  When I thought negative thoughts, I produced negative results.  The opposite is true as well.  When I think positive thoughts, I produce positive results.  I no longer allowed the negative stories or excuses to run my life.

Now, how do I apply that to my goal? 

The answer is inside of us all, once we get ourselves out of the way.  Close your eyes and see yourself with the completed goal.  How do you feel?  What do you look like? What are others doing around you?  Really feel it!  Put an emotion, feeling and your heart into your goal.  When that is done, you then are invested emotionally.  That emotion will drive you!  When doubt creeps in, go back to seeing yourself with the completed goal and get support from those who will hold you accountable.  This step alone will move you from just a goal setter to a Goal Achiever!

Does it have to be hard and stressful? 

My favorite coach told me one time, “I know you will get your goal. You can get your goal with stress and worry OR you can get your goal with fun, joy, and dancing in the moments.”  Which do you prefer?

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