Ee64a4db238bb2fc6a4b how to fix nail polish mistakes

Whether you’re a polish pro or a lacquer newbie, mistakes do happen. Don’t stress! Before you whip out the cotton pads and polish remover, check out our top tips for saving your mani.

Improper application

Ever wonder how the pros achieve such a smooth, glossy finish after polish? They’ve mastered the three-stroke technique. After applying base coat, paint a line of polish down the center of the nail. Swipe the polish brush down one side of the nail, then paint along the opposite side of the nail. Apply a second coat in the same technique and you’ll get a flawless finish every time.


Although it may be tempting to top your nail with another layer of lacquer to hide any smudges or dents, don’t do it! Instead, soak a cotton swab with polish remover, then gently use the tip of the cotton swab to remove the smudged area. Once the smudge has been removed, apply lacquer and allow it to dry thoroughly before applying a layer of top coat to the entire nail.

Polish on the skin surrounding the nail

Sometimes, your lacquer can go awry and end up everywhere but the nail plate. If this happens every time you polish, save yourself the hassle and apply liquid latex around the nail before polishing. That way, the polish will end up on the latex instead of your skin and can be easily peeled off after the polish dries. Also, always keep a clean detail brush and acetone or a polish corrector pen on hand for easy clean-up after polishing.

Chipped nails

Nothing is worst than seeing that first pesky chip on your nails. To prolong the life of your mani, avoid typing and texting with the tips of your nails as much as possible. When chips do appear, instead of removing the polish on the entire nail and painting it again, use a cotton swab dipped in acetone to gently remove the top layer of polish, then paint a very thin layer of polish over the bare area. Allow it to dry thoroughly, then finish with a high-shine top coat. Another quick tip: Always keep a bottle of chunky glitter polish in your purse in order to disguise chips on the go.


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