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Thanks to Kim Kardashian West and hundreds of YouTube beauty gurus, contouring is a regular step in almost every woman’s makeup routine. Who doesn’t want higher cheekbones, a slimmer nose and a chiseled jawline on a daily basis? Contouring, aka the use of shadow and light to sculpt out the face and body, isn’t solely reserved for makeup products—nail contouring is an easy way to elongate and slim out your nail bed. Read on to learn how to achieve lengthy tips in a matter of minutes.

So how does nail contouring work? While the actual polish shade you use doesn’t matter, the key to the technique is the color placement. Case in point: At the Spring/Summer 2017 Vera Wang runway show, Fashion Week regular and founder of JINsoon Spas and Nail Lacquer Jin Soon Choi painted a thick line of polish down the center of the nail, leaving the sides bare. The negative space draws the eye toward the line of polish and essentially “tricks” the eye into making the nail look longer. Much like highlight draws the eye away from the shadowed areas on your face, the naked spots on the nail take a backseat to the polish, while the vertical line makes the nail look longer than it actually is. To achieve the look, apply a perfecting base coat to your natural nails and let it dry, then paint a straight line of medium width down the center of the nail and finish with top coat. Voilà—slimmer and longer nails with a single swipe!



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