A61c17eb23236156214c how to get your mani to last

When it comes to painting your nails, it’s safe to say that you’re a seasoned pro. You know how to prep the nail, properly apply lacquer using the three-stroke method and always use the right top coats. But for some reason, your polish never seems to last more than a day or two without chipping. Read on to discover ways you may be cutting the lifespan of your mani short and what you can do to prevent chips in the future.

Not removing the natural oils from the nail plate

A good base coat is useless without the right foundation. Nail techs know a manicure is only as good as its prep, but if you fail to remove the natural oils from the nail plate then the base coat has nothing to bond to and your mani will be doomed from the start. To ensure that the base coat properly bonds to the nail, use a lint-free wipe or a cotton pad soaked with acetone to remove any residue on the nail before polishing and always apply cuticle oil at the very end of the manicure to prevent the oils from getting on the nail plate.

Not capping the free edge

Tapping, texting, and typing all day wreak havoc on your tips. In order to seal in your color, you need to “cap” the free edge, or the tip of your nail. After applying polish using the three-stroke method, gently sweep or tap the polish brush across the free edge. Use the same method when applying top coat and your polish should stay in tact.

Using old polish 

If you think beauty products never expire, think again! Though an unopened bottle of polish has a shelf life of approximately two years, that number decreases with constant use. As you open and close the polish bottle, air gets into the formula and can form tiny bubbles in the polish. Your best bet? Check your collection every six months for signs of expiration, including a bad smell, noticeable separation (make sure to rub the bottle in between your palms to see if you just need to activate the formula or if it has indeed gone bad) or discoloration.

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